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No Apologies by kroeningj

“It’s in the curriculum.” I have said this to my students. However, this is ironic because I had a hand in revising the curriculum. It’s not acceptable. No more apologies.

The alternatives to apology listed on p. 124 remind me of my bulletin board-Change your words; change your mindset. I guess it works for teachers, too!


Last year I had a group of less than motivated students. When it came time to do Romeo and Juliet, I used the alternative text. I told myself we would never be able to get through the original text. Now, I wonder if I really did for them or was it for me? The alternate text was easier to understand, but I robbed them of “the hard necessary to scholarship (122). If I am going to make my students talk standard English and in complete sentences, I should not be introducing them to alternative texts. It’s in the curriculum for a reason!

I saved this a couple of years ago. Fits in nicely to Chapter 3! I Don’t Know


Students have fun creating a meme


by Steve Lyle, language arts teacher, West High School, Davenport, Iowa

I’m a creative type, but it’s hard to think of creative classroom projects when I’m pushed for time. That’s why I like networking with colleagues on Twitter. I follow a handful of the best teachers in my field, such as Catlin Tucker for teaching a blended English classroom, and Chris Snyder for the latest ideas about communicating on the web. Once I get that great idea, I can’t wait to try it out and then to apply it in my classroom. The key factors are keeping it simple and fun.


For example, Ms. Tucker recently explained how she had her students create a meme for their area of study.  She excels at explaining each step of the process that uses an advanced Google search and Google Drawing.

Light bulb flash!  I read Facebook memes everyday–I even have published some of own–but I never considered having my students do it. Wouldn’t it be fun for them to sum up an important point from “To Kill a Mockingbird” using a meme?  My students loved doing the assignment and sharing them.









My lesson? To find time to see how others are applying new ideas with the tech tools now available. I’ve been busy this year now that all my students have a Chromebook in class. I am working hard to find additional online resources and projects for my students.

And spreading the word.