Happened to look at Larry Ferlazzo’s blog today during my search  for sample Science Lab Reports. He has some recommendations for learning about Twitter,  so here they are:

Well, that was a short list! Larry hasn’t checked his links in awhile, or someone is using more than their allotted bandwidth! So here are a couple I found on a Google Search:

What followed the above suggestion was about an hour and a half bandwidth lag–in the meantime, I remembered Kathy Schrock, who of course has a long list of sources:

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I am a teacher, librarian, and reader. Cats are my spirit animals--don't try to trap me, hurry me, or get me to do what you want. I maintain my dignity in the face of any stupid thing I may be doing at the moment. (i.e. "I planned to do that.") I believe in perspective when it comes to life. There are very few life experiences from which the participants can't find SOMETHING to laugh at.

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