I have looked into Evernote, and it gets nothing but rave reviews. I do think this is a product you may want to try for your own purposes before using it in a class. Why? Because I think it will make more sense once you have experienced it: level 1 experience.

It seems from what I have read that the portable app is the more advanced product, but you can also sign up for a web version. It sounds to me like the contents sync with either version, but as I am writing this, I am questioning how. Below is a review from PC Magazine by Jill Duffy that was published on Dec. 30, 2014:

“When it comes to taking all manner of notes and getting work done, Evernote (free to $45 per year for Premium) is an indispensable tool. Its magic lies in its flexibility. You can bend Evernote to your will and use it for practically anything, from recording meetings to marking up PDFs to keeping a daily diary. Evernote remains an essential tool for the modern age is because it has reliable and frequently updated apps for practically every platform, including it Web app (reviewed here). Evernote’s Web app keeps you connected to your Evernote account when you don’t have a dedicated device of your own on hand. A new Work Chat feature adds instant messaging capabilities to the platform, making it more powerful for collaboration. Evernote is a clear Editors’ Choice productivity tool, and its Web app is an integral part.” Read more…

It costs $45.00/year (or $5.00/month) to have the Premium Evernote account. I think this would be a worthwhile expenditure if you plan to store more than text and if you are interested in converting handwritten notes into print. On the other hand, you can start with a free account and upgrade if you need to.

The following are some places you can go to find out more about Evernote:

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