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Exciting New Assignment I’m Trying Out Today

Okay, I know we are meeting after school, BUT I just can’t wait to brag about my cool new techy assignment that I am wheeling out during 4th block today!  Magisto was a huge success with students, but I think this one will top it (well, it did for geeky me).

In our Nonfiction Literature Circles, the activity of the day will be for students to create Trading Cards of the characters (real people) from their book.  Using, students can create their traiding cards.

Here is my assignment sheet:

Here is an example related to The Great Gatsby:

The Nonfiction books students are currently reading are:  The Glass Castle, The Hot Zone, In Cold Blood, Black Boy, and Ghost Soldiers.  -Angela


Magisto Student Videos of The Great Gatsby

Here are a few examples of what my students produced: