19 Ways to use blogs with students

The website entitled 19 Ways to Use Blogs With Students showed up on one of my RSS feeds and since we had talked about it previously and people were wanting to blog but not knowing how they might incorporate blogging, I liked the idea of a few suggestions:

*For teaching digital citizenship     *Homework        *Class recaps    *Weekly check-in/reflection         *Conversation continuation     * Online diary of learning    *Creating character/historical figure blogs *Timelines or chronological coverage    *Current events   *Research for Interdisciplinary projects     *  In response to reading    *Fanfiction     *In response to word problems in math    *Mathography     *Lab write-ups in science     *Field guide for science classes     *Language Labs    *Play Lists      *Art Portfolios

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I am a teacher, librarian, and reader. Cats are my spirit animals--don't try to trap me, hurry me, or get me to do what you want. I maintain my dignity in the face of any stupid thing I may be doing at the moment. (i.e. "I planned to do that.") I believe in perspective when it comes to life. There are very few life experiences from which the participants can't find SOMETHING to laugh at.

One thought on “19 Ways to use blogs with students

  1. alissahansen

    I am bookmarking this site and plan on using it this semester! I have wanted to have students blog, but haven’t been too successful at it, namely due to the restrictions. When I worked at Clear Creek Amana High School, I had my students create a blog as we read J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye and we even had the editor of a biography on Salinger comment and respond to some of the students. It was a great experience and students loved the instantaneousness of blogging. Students really took some time with their writing as well, since they knew it was going to be public. So, not only are they learning through researching information to the questions I posed on the blog, they are learning to revise for online publication. They have more incentive to write polished pieces with a larger audience. I hope to mimic this with my freshmen this semester. I am thinking of getting something going when we read Romeo & Juliet. I will keep you all posted.



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